Who is E.Campbell?

    E. Campbell is the CEO and Creative Director of E.CampbellWORX, where he works on Freelance Graphic Designs and Illustrative work, producing original content in the creative field of entertainment

Through a combination of brutally honest self reflection and dedication, quality will follow

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   He currently creates independent stories in various genres, that features Education, Children’s books and Teen to Adult Graphic Novels to devise sequential story experiences. As a practitioner in video, graphic marketing and social media management, E. Campbell has wisdom in brand development based on a 10+ year career in the creative industry working with various companies ranging from community services, movie production and educational institutions.

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My Story

I grew up a small New England town called Windsor, CT. My mother would take me to this local dinner for breakfast where the smell of toast and scrambled eggs filled the air. I started drawing on a blank piece of paper out of boredom to pass the time. Communicating the images to be presented for someone to see excited me; I felt freedom creating these pieces of art. The literal hunger for food was complimented with another: Craft Illustrative Tales! Using illustration, design, or brand to express an idea opened up a whole new world for me. From that point forward, taking paper and other materials to practice drawing became a habit wherever I went. My younger sister was the first person to see my imaginative worlds; stapled in the form of a few pages. I would wake up at 8AM on Saturday mornings to watch my favorite cartoons and keep my imagination active. Around the same time, I was introduced to Japanese Animation (Anime), which opened up a whole new world for me. I would rush home each day after school to watch my favorite cartoon block on Cartoon Network, which introduced me to a whole new way to draw. This became my obsession, resulting in me sneaking downstairs late night to watch the more mature versions. I was mesmerized by the aesthetics of these various art forms I never knew existed. These influences followed me into my teen years, leading me to my creative career in an independent multi-media studio where I stayed for many years harnessing my craft. The emotions and passion I felt during that period of watching my mentor’s work built up, sparked my desire to connect people to my work through personal fulfillment. I wanted my desire, passion, and creative ideas to bleed into my Graphic Design work. During college, I would stuff my book bag with graphic design magazines so I had a hard time zipping it up. I greatly admired the deconstruction, concepts, and formats to whatever I could see and find inspiration from. While in college, I was interning to perfect my craft, while working in the same independent multi-media company, but in a much larger role. From there, I would go on to teach Youth Drawing, Graphic Design, and Animation. Attending college, while working in the studio, increased my skill set to a new level where I could be the best artist I envisioned myself as when I was younger. The look on the client’s face when I presented their design was enticing and brought joy to my heart. Overall, my main goal is simple: Engagement, Emotional Response, and Participation. Every design, illustration, and creative work I produce is aimed to make my clients happy with my service.